Become certified and you become fully equipped!

As a certified PeerPositive organization, you will have access to a full compliment of site features and activities for your peer instructors and adult advisors. Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy as a certified member.

Personal Profile Page

Your Personal Profile page is the place where all activity starts. It is neatly organized to show you all the features of the site in a "dashboard" window. Here are the things you will see:

Presentation Builder

This is the application that everyone's buzzing about. Peer Instructors can pick a topic and sample a large variety of movies, activities, and demonstrations for their live presentations. Thje Presentation Builder allows you to create multiple versions, save them, and print your presentations as needed. It's a tremendous organizational tool for groups that need to collaborate and present together. Our database of dynamic, culturally-relevant content is robust and growing every day.

Message Center

Communication is key to your success. With the Message Center application, you can send and receive messages from all the users in your organization and store important information on your personal profile page.

Downloadable Resources

Everything you need to run your program will be available in a printer-friendly PDF format. Peer Instructors will have access to things like Community Service forms and Presentation Invitations, while the Advisors will benefit from the grading rubrics and consent forms. The resources are a organized and updated frequently.

Progress Report (For Peer Instructors)

Review your progress in the program with charts created by your advisor. You can see your scores and read constructive comments to help you better obtain the scores necessary to reach the next level

Account(s) Management and Evaluation (Advisors Only)

You can grade the Peer Instructors under your supervision and write comments to encourage them or help them improve. With the Account Manager application, you can also reset their passwords and change their email accounts.

Notebook  (Advisors Only)

This is an electronic Post-It Notepad. Keep your own personal notes or reminders which are private and appear on your profile page only.