Making a Difference Just got EASIER!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How do I cultivate a culture of POSITIVE peer pressure amongst my students?

How do I motivate students to own and value the information being taught?

How can I illustrate the effectiveness of my program beyond mere surveys?

How do I move from youth programing to true YOUTH DEVELOPMENT?

We've got great staff...great curriculum...WHAT'S MISSING???


. . . A GREAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM! Created by a national youth educator and program consultant, the PeerPositive Online Youth Development System is designed to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders by forming the connective tissue between their various program components, and providing a method for incentivizing responsible behavior. In addition to an organized system of program management, rank, and evaluation, the PeerPositive System utilizes innovative online resources and the power of positive peer pressure to prepare youth to engage, equip, and empower their peers. Just try it and see that it's EVERYTHING we've been missing!

Student Progress Tracking

As a Group Advisor, you can log onto your page and see at-a-glance how all of your students are performing in each of the six program areas: Program participation, School performance, Community service, Projects, Presentations, and Reading program.

  • Evaluate and track the progress of your young leaders with ease with our built-in, online Grading system.
  • Produce instant student and group reports. While Pre and Post surveys are necessary, they just don't tell the whole story. Presenting ALL of the achievements of your students and program to parents, grant evaluators, colleges, the media or potential donors has never been easier!
  • Each student receives their own personal web page where they and their families can log-on and see how they are progressing through your program.
  • Cultivate a culture of Positive Peer Pressure and Incentivize responsible behavior amongst your students through our comprehensive system of rank and promotion

Service Learning Center*

  • Effortlessly guide your students through skill building activities that allow them to apply the knowledge they've learned, while positively impacting their community.
  • Using their online tools, students can build, save, print and preview their own Presentation and Project outlines. The building process is a step-by-step application that has all of the best practices for effective communication and event planning built right in. With the PeerPositive System, planning Service Learning Projects is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Students can link document and media files directly to their Project and Presentation outlines.

Group Management Tools

  • Message Center
  • Group Calendar
  • Attendance Keeper
  • Agenda Builder
  • Integrate your message center with your organization's Facebook page )*
  • Stay in touch with your student's parents, teachers and other caregivers though our Support NETwork feature

Customize the PeerPositive System to fit your program

  • Create, assign and grade your own custom Quizzes and Assignments based on your curriculum content. All data is automatically inputted into the students progress tracker and PDF's of their completed quizzes can be printed or emailed directly to their Support NETworks!
  • Upload your own program specific documents and specify whether they can be accessed by Advisors, Students or both.
  • Customize your own program levels and promotion requirements
  • Upload your own company logo and contact information to display on group reports*

User-friendly Interface

  • Get started in no time with the Easy set-up Assistant
  • Content-Specific log-ins for Advisors and Students
  • Convenient Dashboard for simple site navigation and quick access to commonly used applications
  • Helpful Video Tutorials and FAQ's

* Pro and Elite Packages Only