FAQ Section

Is the PeerPositive Youth Development System a curriculum?
A: No. It is a program management system. Kinda think of it as the salad bowl that you mix all of your program "ingredients" into such as curriculum, quizzes, learning activities, group management resources, and evaluation. It's also the merit-based system that incentivizes and measures the progress of each student, by placing a value upon everything they do (or don't do) within your program, their school and their community. Just as it takes more than a bunch of vegetables on a table to make a good salad...it takes more than a bunch of disjointed components of a program to make a good positive youth development model. The PeerPositive System is exactly what you need to bring it all together!

What are the 6 program areas that are tracked within the System?
A: Each of the following categories where selected based upon leading youth development research such as the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets study: What kids need to succeed, and the National Youth Leadership Council's K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice. 1. Program Participation (Specific to your program) Includes: Attendance, Meeting participation, Behavior, Outreach, Quizzes and Assignments 2. School Performance Includes: School GPA, Extracurricular activity and School attendance 3. Community Service Students receive points for performing community service and the system keeps track of every hour served. Many school districts require community service hours for graduation and most colleges are looking for them as well. 4. Reading Program Students receive points for reading books and summarizing what they've read. Readers are leaders! 5. Presentations Includes: Preparedness, Collaboration, Speech clarity, Enthusiasm, Audience engagement and Research accuracy 6. Projects Includes: Planning, Implementation,Collaboration, Achievement of objectives, Attitude and Link to Curriculum

Is this a Faith-based or Secular resource?
A: Neither. Just as with programs like Quickbooks or Constant Contact, the PeerPositive System can be used by ANYONE, for any purpose- faith-based or secular. For instance, a school-based program may want to build quizzes and assignments for their students that are based upon their secular anti-bullying curriculum, whereas a church might want to build quizzes and assignments based upon the biblical content taught in their program.

Is this a resource for Teens or Adults?
A: Adults. The PeerPositive System was designed to help ADULTS better manage their youth programs and incentivize responsible behavior amongst their students. However, just as the Adult Advisors can login and manage their groups, their students can also login for various purposes as to check their Progress Tracker pages, build projects and presentations, take quizzes and communicate with other members of the group.

How many students are permitted per group and what is the cost?
A: It depends on the subscription that you choose. The $29 per month LITE subscription includes up to 25 students. The $49 per month PRO subscription includes up to 50 students, plus the added benefits of the project and presentation service learning features, Facebook integration and custom reports. The $150 per month ELITE Package includes up to three PRO groups (with the option to add more), and provides the subscriber the ability to pull reports on all of their groups. The LITE and PRO subscriptions break down to about $1 or $1.61 per day, per group!

What if I have more than 50 students?
A: It is very difficult to manage more than 50 students well within an effective youth development model such as the PeerPositive System. Therefore, we would suggest splitting your students into 2 or more groups based on age, grade, gender or merit, and assigning an adult Group Advisor to each to ensure that every student gets the support they need.

What is the "Support NETwork" feature all about?
A: Studies show that the more caring adults that a student has to assist and support them in their development, the more successful that student will become in life. The Support NETwork feature attaches each student to several responsible adults of their and their parents choosing, and enables the adult advisors to easily keep those support persons up to date on the progress of their student. In fact, each Support NETwork member receives a PeerPositive System login so that they can have 24hr access to their student's Progress Tracker page! It is often said that you can only learn one of two ways- mistakes or mentors. With the Support NETwork feature, you can help students to choose the better of the two options...Mentors.

Will I have to download any special software to use this?
A: No. Since the PeerPositive System is a subscription-based service, so as a faithful subscriber, all you have to do is login to enjoy all of the features that the site has to offer.